Profitable Partnerships at the Social Travel Summit

A TweetSheet from the Social Travel Summit in Hamburg!

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I know I move fast and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. That’s why I’ve created this handy-dandy list of tweetable stuff from today’s presentation! Feel free to use it as you see fit. This is what I call a Tweet Sheet!

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Before we get Started…

@TPLDrew is about to kickoff: Profitable Partnerships: How brilliant content creators & brands band together to drive serious success… Click To Tweet Want to keep up with @TPLDrew's @Prezi? Try his TweetSheet. Click To Tweet I'm waiting to learn the 4 Secrets to creating profitable partnerships with @TPLDrew #CCDK15 Click To Tweet

Here we go…

We have a funnel problem! Did you know the sales funnel was first used in 1898 by St. Elmo Lewis? Click To Tweet A lot has changed since 1898. But the marketing funnel we use is pretty much the same. Click To Tweet

The New World View

Are you a Galileo or a Ptolemy? Embrace the new world view. Get closer to your customer's universe. Click To Tweet What if you got closer and closer to the center of your audience's online universe? Click To Tweet Google is the comfort food of search. It's the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas of search. Click To Tweet

The New Consumer Journey

Check out @TPLDrew's revised marketing funnel - The Consumer Journey Click To Tweet If you want to own the consumer journey create moments of inspiration! Click To Tweet Moments of Inspiration = a moment in time that creates an irresistible urge to act! Click To Tweet Own the consumer journey. Create moments of inspiration! Click To Tweet Moments of Inspiration (M.O.I) leads to Return on Investment (R.O.I.) Click To Tweet

Digital Diva to Make-up Mogul

@TPLDrew is talking about how @panacea81 built a business using her content brand. Click To Tweet Lauren Luke created a video a week and built a $100 M brand. Click To Tweet Lauren Luke Looks is an example of a content brand. Treat your content like a product. Click To Tweet The difference between branded content and a content brand: One is corp focused. The other is audience focused. Click To Tweet We live in an opt-in world. Content brands allow you to harness the power of Subscribe! Click To Tweet Fan, follow, friend are all synonyms for a subscription in a new media world. Opt-in. Click To Tweet Subscribers to your content build a relationship with an audience B4 they need you. Click To Tweet A great content brand inspires you to buy things you didn't know you needed. Click To Tweet Content brands build relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue. Click To Tweet What if we valued long-term relationships over views, impressions or likes? Click To Tweet Ask yourself… how can we harness the power of a subscription? Click To Tweet Treat your content like a product. Turn your marketing expenses into assets! Click To Tweet

How to you create Moments of Inspiration?

Create moments of inspiration. Think like a TV Producer. Click To Tweet Disney's Finding Nemo decimated the global population of clownfish! That's a moment of inspiration! Click To Tweet Nothing has fueled our culture of consumption more than the content brands we love. Click To Tweet Great content inspires us to act. To buy something we didn't know we needed. Click To Tweet What if we focused on the passions of my audience? What's their travel lens? Click To Tweet How can I send my audience on a journey they never expected? Click To Tweet

CMO Pizza

The marketing pie isn't getting any bigger. It's just getting sliced more ways. Click To Tweet If you want to raise awareness buy ads. If you want to increase demand create content. Click To Tweet

Secret # 1: Get Rich. Target a Niche!

Secret #1 to Profitable partnerships: Get rich. Target a niche! Click To Tweet @TPLDrew is talking about how @MissouriQuiltCo targeted a niche to create a tourism business. Click To Tweet @MissouriQuiltCo created online videos that built their business and saved their town! Amazing content! Click To Tweet Great marketers focus on increasing the size of their market instead of their market share. Click To Tweet Leverage the influence pyramid to claim your fame. Influencers lead prosumers who drive business. Click To Tweet Harness the power of Influence. Check out @tpldrew's Influence Pyramid Click To Tweet Explore your niches! Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Be something to someone! Click To Tweet Want to hear the whole @MissouriQuiltCo story? Listen to @TPLDrew's podcast: Click To Tweet

Secret #2: Exploit Content Holes

Secret 2 to Profitable Partnerships: Exploit content holes! Click To Tweet Click To Tweet Click To Tweet Click To Tweet Check out @DevinSupertramp's extreme music video Filled a content hole. Click To Tweet Content opportunities exist in even the most crowded markets. What's your FishTV? Click To Tweet What if you exploited a content hole in your market for your audience? Click To Tweet

Secret #3: Leverage More Than One Partner

Secret #3 to creating profitable partnerships: bring together multiple brands. Click To Tweet What if you brought together partners who want access to the same audience? Click To Tweet Who else is interested in inspiring my audience? How can we all work together? Click To Tweet

Secret #4: Think Big!

Learning how @JoeTheJuicer inspired millions to start juicing for their health. Click To Tweet Have you seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead? It inspired millions to act! Click To Tweet Check it out, @JoeTheJuicer is at it again. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 Click To Tweet Secret #4 to creating profitable partnerships - think big! What if we made a movie? Click To Tweet

Wrapping Up

Secrets to profitable partnerships: 1. Riches in niches. 2. Exploit Holes. 3. Multiple Partners. 4. Think Big Click To Tweet What if we told stories that inspired us to act? Create moments of inspiration. Click To Tweet #YouveBeenDrewed! Want to stay inspired by @TPLDrew? Inspiration over lunch: Click To Tweet

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