#FindYourStory: Creating a sudden urge to act!

A TweetSheet from #FindYourStory, the PRSA Southeast Conference in Greenville, SC

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Before we get Started…

@TPLDrew is about to take the stage: INSPIRED PR! Brilliant storytellers create a sudden urge to act! #FindYourStory Click To Tweet Want to keep up with @TPLDrew's @Prezi? Try his TweetSheet - http://bit.ly/prsagreenville -… Click To Tweet I'm waiting to learn the 4 Secrets to creating moments of inspiration with @TPLDrew #FindYourStory Click To Tweet

Here we go…

We have a funnel problem! Did you know the sales funnel was first used in 1898 by St. Elmo Lewis? Click To Tweet A lot has changed since 1898. But the marketing funnel we use is pretty much the same. Click To Tweet

The New World View

Are you a Galileo or a Ptolemy? Embrace the new world view. Get closer to your customer's universe. Click To Tweet What if you got closer and closer to the center of your audience's online universe? Click To Tweet Google is the comfort food of search. It's the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas of search. Click To Tweet

The New Consumer Journey

Check out @TPLDrew's revised marketing funnel - The Consumer Journey http://bit.ly/consumerjourney Click To Tweet If you want to own the consumer journey create moments of inspiration! Click To Tweet Moments of Inspiration = a moment in time that creates an irresistible urge to act! Click To Tweet

From Story to Movement

@TPLDrew is talking about how @nirvan created a movement with @CainesArcade. Click To Tweet @CainesArcade is a fantastic short film! Watch it! http://youtu.be/faIFNkdq96U Click To Tweet @Nirvan's film: @CainesArcade created a moment of inspiration that raised $170K in 10 days! Click To Tweet Want demonstrable ROI from your content? Focus on the MOI! (Moment of Inspiration.) Click To Tweet @CainesArcade has no call to action. Invites your audience to ask how they can help! Click To Tweet Gr8 stories don't need a call to action. They inspire the audience to ask how they can help! Click To Tweet @CainesArcade isn't a campaign. It's a commitment! Click To Tweet Moments of inspiration increase demand for the products/services u sell. Click To Tweet Want to sell more? Tell stories with moments of inspiration! Click To Tweet

How do you create Moments of Inspiration?

Create moments of inspiration. Think like an Entertainment Exec! Click To Tweet Disney's Finding Nemo decimated the global population of clownfish! That's a moment of inspiration! Click To Tweet Nothing has fueled our culture of consumerism more than the #content brands we consume. Click To Tweet Great content inspires us to act. To buy something we didn't know we needed. Click To Tweet

Secret # 1: Build Suspense

Learning how @JoeTheJuicer inspired millions to start juicing for their health. Click To Tweet Have you seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead? It inspired millions to act! #ContentMarketing Click To Tweet Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty. - William Archer. Create drama. Click To Tweet Your moment of inspiration is directly tied to the suspense you build! Click To Tweet Ask yourself: R u creating suspense that leads to a moment of inspiration? Click To Tweet Check it out, @JoeTheJuicer is at it again. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 www.fatsickandnearlydead.com Click To Tweet Secret #1 to creating MOIs - Build Suspense. No drama. No story. Click To Tweet

Secret #2: Foster Aspiration


Secret 2 to creating MOIs: Foster Aspiration - the hopes and ambitions of the audience. Click To Tweet Is your moment of inspiration tied to the aspirations of your target audience? Click To Tweet Aspirational content inspires your audience to act. Click To Tweet Ask yourself: What does my audience aspire to do - or to be? Cr8 moments of inspiration! Click To Tweet

Secret #3: Drive Empathy

Secret 3 to Creating MOIs: Drive Empathy - understand and share the feelings of your audience (and your products.) Click To Tweet Learning how IBM's Watson on Jeopardy increased consulting interest for IBM. Click To Tweet Did you watch IBM's Watson beat 2 humans on Jeopardy? Who did you empathize with? Click To Tweet Cr8 a moment of inspiration by driving empathy. IBM helped us empathize with Watson! Click To Tweet IBM attributed a 20% growth in their analytics business to Watson on Jeopardy! Click To Tweet Have you seen the Nova special on IBM's Watson? Brilliant content. Click To Tweet What if I was emotionally invested in your product or service? Cr8 a moment of inspiration! Click To Tweet

Secret #4: Harness Emotion

Secret 4 to creating MOIs - Harness emotion! Get your audience emotionally involved in your content. Click To Tweet Reason leads to conclusions. Emotion leads to action. Harness emotion in your storytelling. Click To Tweet Emotion leads to action. Reason leads to conclusions. - Dr. Donald Calne Click To Tweet Dutch television show Avingerne increased demand for estate lawyers! MOI for B2B. Click To Tweet What if… you uncover the raw emotions attached to whatever you do? Harness emotions to drive action. Click To Tweet Ask yourself: What emotion inspires action as it relates to what ever you sell? Click To Tweet

Wrapping Up

Secrets to creating content that inspires: 1. Build Suspense. 2. Foster Aspiration. 3. Drive Empathy. 4. Harness Emotion Click To Tweet What if we told stories that inspired us to act? Cr8 moments of inspiration. Click To Tweet @TPLDrew just gave us access to 7 TV Secrets you can use to create killer #Content http://www.7tvsecrets.com Click To Tweet #YouveBeenDrewed! Want to stay inspired by @TPLDrew? Inspiration over lunch: http://www.youvebeendrewed.com Click To Tweet

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