#CMWorld Killer Content: A Tweet Sheet

A TweetSheet from #CMWorld, the planet’s largest Content Marketing Event.

I’m so glad you’re tweeting from #CMWorld!

I know I move fast and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. That’s why I’ve created this handy-dandy list of tweetable stuff from today’s presentation! Feel free to use it as you see fit. This is what I call a Tweet Sheet!

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Edit anything you’d like as you’re Tweeting. Cut, copy, paste – even add a picture if you think it’s worth it!
  • You don’t have to Tweet all of this – only the stuff you think is really worthwhile.
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  • Have fun. I am.

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Before we get Started…

@DrewDavisHere is about to take the stage: Killer Content! Bigger results. Less Content. #CMWorld Click To Tweet Want to keep up with @DrewDavis' @Prezi? Try his TweetSheet http://bit.ly/cmwtweets #CMWorld Click To Tweet I'm waiting to learn how to create Killer Content with @DrewDavisHere at #CMWorld Click To Tweet

Here we go…

Just because there's more info available doesn't mean one can consume more. Click To Tweet Info Overload: There are 347 blog posts published every single second. Click To Tweet

Info Overload

Most marketers are trying to fill the gap between the info available and the info one can actually consume. #CMWorld Click To Tweet Stop creating commodity content: the raw material of the online world. Create content jems! Click To Tweet Be part of the info your audience actually wants to consume. Don't contribute to info overload. Click To Tweet

Fill A Content Hole

Combat info overload: fill a content hole! Click To Tweet Create content your audience doesn't know they need, but when they see it, they love it. Click To Tweet Fill a content hole. Build a buying audience. Click To Tweet Just learned about #FishTV. Click To Tweet Content opportunities exist even in a world with 30 Billion indexed web pages. Click To Tweet Exploit a content hole: What's your FishTV? Click To Tweet What if you fill a content hole in the marketplace? What's your FishTV? Click To Tweet

A Fish Tale

Filling a content hole empowers you to treat your content like a product. Click To Tweet Watching the world's shortest cooking show. #FishTales https://www.instagram.com/bartsfishtales/?hl=en Click To Tweet A wholesale fish distributor turned content brand into a booming business! Click To Tweet Branded content is created for a company. A content brand is created for a valuable audience. Click To Tweet Amazing things happen when you treat your content like a product. Click To Tweet Treat your content like a product: Brand it. Invest in it. Market it. Click To Tweet Treating your content like a product turns marketing expenses into assets. Click To Tweet Content brands allow you to harness the true power of a subscription. Click To Tweet A subscription allows you to build a relationship with the audience b4 they need you (or so they need you.) Click To Tweet Content brands build relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue. Click To Tweet What if we valued long-term relationships over views, impressions, or likes? Click To Tweet Treat your content like a product: harness the power of a subscription. Click To Tweet

How to create a content brand

Want to create a content brand? Think like a TV Exec. Click To Tweet Nothing has fueled our consumer culture more than the content brands we love! Click To Tweet Valuable content increases demand for the products and services you sell! Click To Tweet Valuable content inspires people to buy things they didn't know they needed. Click To Tweet

Get rich. Target a niche.

Get rich. Target a niche. Divide & subdivide your audience. Click To Tweet Learning about Pickleball and Hyland's Leg Cramps. Targeting a niche. Click To Tweet Check this content brand out: The Pickleball Channel http://www.pickleballchannel.com/ Click To Tweet Riches in niches. It works for everyone even financial advisors and agencies. Click To Tweet Explore your niches. Pick a niche and commit. Click To Tweet Stop being everything to everyone. Be something to someone. Click To Tweet What's your pickleball? Get rich. Target a niche. Click To Tweet


Make an appointment with your audience.

Build a buying audience: set an expectation and deliver on it. Click To Tweet Create killer content: make an appointment with your audience! Click To Tweet Check out @BookVideoClub! Great content. Smart appointment with their audience. Click To Tweet What if we just tried to own some quality time in our audience's inbox? Make an appt. Click To Tweet What if your goal for emails was just a zero opt-out rate and a growing subscriber base? Click To Tweet What time in your audience's life can you own? Make an appointment! Click To Tweet


Attach talent your audience trusts

Just watched @RandFish's very first Whiteboard Friday! Click To Tweet Attaching talent to your content allows you to earn trust fast. Click To Tweet We live in a people-powered digital world. Who powers your content? Click To Tweet What if we attach talent to the content brands we create? Who's your whiteboard wizard? Click To Tweet

Create a Hook

A hook: a simple twist on a familiar theme designed to ensnare your audience. Click To Tweet Killer Content Secret #4: Create content with a hook. Click To Tweet Just watched Rachael Ray's very first television appearance in 1998. Click To Tweet There are 6 types of hooks: Gimmicks, Dayparts, Mash-ups, Visual, Challenges, & Quests. Click To Tweet What if our content brand had a hook? What simple twist will ensnare our audience? Click To Tweet

Commit to a format

A format is a repeatable formula for your content. It's the shape of the content you create. Click To Tweet A format is the shape of your content every time you create it! #KillerContent Click To Tweet Audiences fall in love with the format of your content b4 they fall in love with the talent. Click To Tweet Want to create killer content? Follow a format. Own the format. Click To Tweet Learning all about Quick Quilting and @MissouriQuiltCo. THIS is Killer Content. Click To Tweet Following a format every single week turned a small business into a $50MM brand. Click To Tweet What if we create a format for the content brand we build? What shape will your content take? Click To Tweet

Wrapping Up

Secrets to killer content: 1. Target a niche. 2. Make an appt. 3. Attach Talent. 4. Create a hook. 5. Formats Click To Tweet What if we fill a content hole? Create killer content. Click To Tweet #YouveBeenDrewed! Want to stay inspired by @DrewDavisHere? Inspiration over lunch: http://www.youvebeendrewed.com Click To Tweet

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