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A TweetSheet from ICON in Phoenix!

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I know I move fast and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. That’s why I’ve created this handy-dandy list of tweetable stuff from today’s presentation! Feel free to use it as you see fit. This is what I call a Tweet Sheet!

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Before we get Started…

@TPLDrew is about to take the stage:Claim Your Fame - How brilliant businesses turn passion and personality into profit!… Click To Tweet Want to keep up with @TPLDrew's @Prezi? Try his TweetSheet. Click To Tweet I'm waiting to learn the 4 Secrets to Claiming Your Fame @TPLDrew #ICON15 Click To Tweet

Here we go…

We have a funnel problem! Did you know the sales funnel was first used in 1898 by St. Elmo Lewis? Click To Tweet A lot has changed since 1898. But the marketing funnel we use is pretty much the same. Click To Tweet

The New World View

Are you a Galileo or a Ptolemy? Embrace the new world view. Get closer to your customer's universe. Click To Tweet What if you got closer and closer to the center of your audience's online universe? Click To Tweet Google is the comfort food of search. It's the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas of search. Click To Tweet @TPLdrew is taking us on AMAZING journey into the way we search. #Meatloaf Click To Tweet

The New Consumer Journey

Check out @TPLDrew's revised marketing funnel - The Consumer Journey Click To Tweet If you want to own the consumer journey you need to Claim Your Fame! Click To Tweet Claim your fame by sharing your journey. Teach what you know and learn to build your brand. Click To Tweet Start with the audience you have to build the audience you want. Click To Tweet

Quilting Together a Bigger Business

@TPLDrew is talking about how @MissouriQuiltCo claimed their fame and built their biz. Click To Tweet @MissouriQuiltCo is an amazing example of Claiming Your Fame! Watch it! Click To Tweet @MissouriQuiltCo created online videos that built their business and saved their town! Amazing content! Click To Tweet Great marketers focus on increasing the size of their market instead of their market share. Click To Tweet Leverage the influence pyramid to claim your fame. Influencers lead prosumers who drive business. Click To Tweet Harness the power of Influence. Check out @tpldrew's Influence Pyramid Click To Tweet Embrace your beginner's mind. Here's @TPLDrew's Click To Tweet Avoid commodity content. Create online content with a hook: a simple twist. Click To Tweet A hook is content with a simple twist on a familiar theme designed to entrap your audience! Click To Tweet Valuable content builds relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue. Click To Tweet Want to hear the whole @MissouriQuiltCo story? Listen to @TPLDrew's podcast: Click To Tweet

How did I learn the power of Claiming Your Fame?

@TPLDrew is introducing us to @JoeTheJuicer and how he claimed his fame. Click To Tweet @JoeTheJuicer created a documentary film that increased demand for juicing! Click To Tweet Valuable content increases demand for the products and services we sell. Click To Tweet Great content inspires us to act. To buy something we didn't know we needed. Click To Tweet Check it out, @JoeTheJuicer is at it again. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 Click To Tweet @TPLDrew challenges us to think big. What if we made a movie? Claim Your Fame! Click To Tweet

Secret # 1: Stop Telling Me You’re Different. Start Showing Me.

Secret #1 to claim your fame: Stop telling me you're different. Start showing me. Click To Tweet Watching a building implosion to learn about Claiming Your Fame. Click To Tweet A great experience is self-selecting, own-able, higher-value, and lasts longer. Implode your experience. Click To Tweet We don't sell products or services. We sell experiences. Do you deliver the BEST experience? Click To Tweet You don't have to offer the best products. You do have to deliver the BEST experience. Click To Tweet Change the experience. Change the game. Click To Tweet @TulsaRenew revolutionized their experience with an iPad app. Click To Tweet Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Be something to someone. Click To Tweet Ask yourself... how does my post-purchase experience reflect the biggest concerns of my clients? Click To Tweet

Secret #2: Make an Appointment With Your Audience

Secret 2 to Claim Your Fame: Make an appointment with your audience and deliver on it. Click To Tweet Micro-dayparts - tiny moments in your audience's life that you can own. Click To Tweet Want to know what moments in your audience's life you can own? Check out Click To Tweet Learning how @RandFish claimed his fame by making an appt. with his audience every Friday! Click To Tweet Check out @RandFish's Whiteboard Fridays. Gr8 example of making an appt with your audience. Click To Tweet What if you make an appointment with your audience? Set an expectation & deliver on it! Click To Tweet Claim your fame! Ask yourself: what time in my audience's life can I own? Click To Tweet

Secret #3: Get Closer to the Center of Your Audience’s Universe

Secret 3 to claiming your fame: Get closer to the center of your audience's online experience. Click To Tweet Wow! @LWDoodle's founder @BrandiTTemple is the master of social commerce! Click To Tweet @LWDoolde built their business by removing all the friction from the online sale. Claim Your Fame! Click To Tweet Stop trying to measure every click. Reinvent the way people buy. Think like @BrandiTemple Click To Tweet Want to claim your fame? Remove the friction in your buying experience. What's your @LWDoodle strategy? Click To Tweet Secret 3 to claiming your fame: Embrace the Galilean model of the universe. R u a Galileo or a Ptolemy? Click To Tweet

Secret #4: Get Rich. Target a Niche.

Secret 4 to Claiming Your Fame - Get Rich. Target a Niche. Click To Tweet Learning how to employ Fractal Marketing: divide and subdivide your audience to find opportunity. Click To Tweet Watching @TLC's Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding to explore niche opportunities. Click To Tweet @SondraCelli started designing gowns for American Gypsies and now has a booming business. Claim Your Fame! Click To Tweet Want to learn how @SondraCelli claimed her fame? Listen to the podcast! Click To Tweet Don't think fractal marketing works for everyone? Check out this financial advisor: @frontlinewealth Click To Tweet What if you commit to a niche? Do you have the courage to claim your fame? Click To Tweet

Wrapping Up

Claim your fame secrets: 1. Show me you're different. 2. Make an Appt. 3. Be a Galileo. 4. Target a niche! Click To Tweet What if you claim your fame? Turn your passion & personality into a booming business. Click To Tweet @TPLDrew just gave us access to 7 TV Secrets you can use to create killer #Content Click To Tweet #YouveBeenDrewed! Want to stay inspired by @TPLDrew? Inspiration over lunch: Click To Tweet

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