Bigger Success, Less Content, Outsized Results.

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I know I move fast and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. That’s why I’ve created this handy-dandy list of tweetable stuff from today’s presentation! Feel free to use it as you see fit. This is what I call a Tweet Sheet!

Here are a couple of tips:

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Before we get Started…

@TPLDrew is about to take the stage: Bigger Success. Less Content. Outsized Results! at #CMWorld Click To Tweet

Want to keep up with @TPLDrew's #Prezi? Try his TweetSheet. Click To Tweet

I'm waiting to learn the 5 Secrets to Bigger Success. Less Content. #CMWorld Sydney Click To Tweet

Here we go…

Just because there's more info available DOESN'T mean we can consume more! Click To Tweet

17 New webpages are published every second. 2M blog posts a day. #InfoOverload Click To Tweet

The secret to creating less content and seeing bigger success? Treat your content like a product. Click To Tweet

What if we treated our content like a product? Click To Tweet

Stop chasing the social stream. Be part of the information they WANT to consume! Click To Tweet

Digital Diva to Make-up Mogul

@TPLDrew is talking about how @panacea81 built a business using her content brand. Click To Tweet

Lauren Luke created a video a week and built a $100 M brand. Click To Tweet

Lauren Luke Looks is an example of a content brand. Treat your content like a product. Click To Tweet

The difference between branded content and a content brand: One is corp focused. The other is audience focused. Click To Tweet

We live in an opt-in world. Content brands allow you to harness the power of Subscribe! Click To Tweet

Fan, follow, friend are all synonyms for a subscription in a new media world. Opt-in. Click To Tweet

Subscribers to your content build a relationship with an audience B4 they need you. Click To Tweet

A great content brand inspires you to buy things you didn't know you needed. Click To Tweet

Content brands build relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue. Click To Tweet

What if we valued long-term relationships over views, impressions or likes? Click To Tweet

Ask yourself… how can we harness the power of a subscription? Click To Tweet

Creating a content brand

@TPLDrew is challenging us to start thinking like Television Executives. #ContentMarketing Click To Tweet

Nothing has fueled our consumer culture more than the content brands we love. Click To Tweet

Valuable content increases demand for the products and services you sell. Click To Tweet

Valuable content inspires people to buy something they didn't know they needed. Click To Tweet

Secret #1: Get Rich. Target a niche.

Wanna create valuable content? Get rich. Target a niche. Click To Tweet

@TPLDrew just introduced us to Fractal Marketing. (video) Click To Tweet

Learn how the Chicken Whisperer drives revenue for Tractor Supply via @JayBaer Click To Tweet

Who's your chicken whisperer? Stop trying to be everything 2 everyone. Click To Tweet

Secret #2: Exploit Content Holes

Wow. FishTV is awesome. (video) Find a content hole. Click To Tweet

In a crowded web world (53B indexed web pages) content holes exist. Find them. Click To Tweet

Create the content your audience didn't know they wanted. What's your FISH TV? (video) Click To Tweet

@FoldFanatic We're watching one of your Super Cool Folds of the week! (video) Click To Tweet

@FoldFanatic found a content hole in her market and created a video a week to fill it! Click To Tweet

Content holes exist in even the most crowded markets. Fill them. What's your FishTV? Click To Tweet

Secret #3 7:58 AM

What if you made an appt. with your audience? What if we owned 2 min of their time every week? Click To Tweet

Make an appointment with your audience. Set an expectation and deliver on it. Click To Tweet

What time in your audience's life can you own? Click To Tweet

What if we ignored click-thru rates and only measured opt-out rates? Click To Tweet

Secret #4 Attach Talent your Audience Trusts

Want to make your content inherently social? Add a trusted talent. Click To Tweet

@TPLDrew is talking about @missouriquiltco and their weekly video tutorials hosted by Jenny Doan. Click To Tweet

Attach talent your audience can trust. Fall in love with Jenny Doan & her Quick Quilting Tutorials… Click To Tweet

The right talent attached to your content will drive revenue, build your brand, even save your town! Click To Tweet

What if you attached talent to your content? Who does your audience already have a relationship with? Click To Tweet

Secret #5 Create a Hook

@GaryVee built his biz from $4M to $60M by creating a content brand with a smart hook. Click To Tweet

Does your content have a hook? (A simple twist on a familiar theme?) Click To Tweet

WineLibrary TV by @GaryVee is Sportscenter meets Wine Tasting. Create a hook. Click To Tweet

What if your content had a compelling hook (a simple twist on a familiar theme)? Click To Tweet

How can you ensnare and entrap your audience so they subscribe to your content? Create a hook. Click To Tweet

Wrapping Up

What if we thought like TV Execs? Treat your content like a brand. Click To Tweet

@TPLDrew just gave us access to 7 TV Secrets you can use to create killer #Content Click To Tweet

#YouveBeenDrewed! Want to stay inspired by @TPLDrew? 6 weeks of inspiration over lunch: Click To Tweet

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