You've Been Drewed!

(Yep. It's a verb.)

Wanna be 'Drewed' for the next 6 weeks?

Drew will send you Inspiration Over Lunch: one video each week designed to keep you out of the weeds and thinking strategically!

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You will need inspiration!

Right now, you feel inspired. But it won't last.

Unfortunately, you're going to leave this conference and head back to your office in the next few days. Before you know it, all the big ideas and new thinking you brought back from this event will be a distant memory.

That's exactly why I created Inspiration Over Lunch!

To keep you thinking strategically at least once a week for the next six weeks.

Here's how Inspiration Over Lunch works:

  • Grab Lunch!

    Each e-mail will arrive at your lunch time exactly a week from the time you sign up!

  • Watch The Video

    Each e-mail will include a brief introduction to the idea and provide you with a link to a 7-minute video.

  • Inspire Change

    Each video will challenge you to rethink the way you’re doing business.


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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


Andrew's put together six lessons designed to help you reimagine the way you acquire new customers, leads, audiences and clients.

Over the course of your six weeks of inspiration, Drew will introduce you to new ways to approach your customer and client experience. He'll help you dive deep into your fractals and show you how to harness the power of the people behind your brand. He'll even help sort out the opportunities to use paid, owned, and earned media in the most effective ways.

  • The Gym Curve

    Harness the power of anticipation and inspiration to keep your clients elated.

  • Micro Dayparts

    Learn how to identify and own a specific time in your audience’s life.

  • Target Audiences

    Understand how to divide and subdivide your audience to identify the most valuable targets.

  • People Power

    See how smart marketers harness the audiences of others.

  • CMO Pizza

    Re-think the way you approach the market by increasing demand.

  • Bad Breath?

    A simple trick to figure out if you have bad breath or not. (And how it’s marketing genius.)

Still Have Questions about Inspiration Over Lunch?

Check out these frequently asked questions...

Will I really be inspired?

Yes. If not, Andrew will send you your money back.

This sounds great! How much does the 6 weeks of inspiration cost?

Nothing. It's totally free. (Hence, the money back guarantee.)

What if I have a follow-up question after watching one of my Inspiration Over Lunch videos?

Great question! Give Andrew a call. He'll answer the question for you: 617.286.4009

If I can't watch the videos at lunch, can I watch them at another time?

Sure! They won't have the same impact as they do for those that watch the videos at lunch time. But go ahead, try watching them at dinner time, or breakfast.

What do you recommend for lunch?

I always steer people towards the soup of the day. (They make fantastic soups.)

I only have a short lunch break, how long will this inspiration take?

Every video is less than seven minutes long, but the inspiration may linger. (Results vary.)


Send me my Inspiration Over Lunch!


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you